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The idea of Emerald Coast Bamboo and Palm Trees was born after the violent wind of hurricanes Ivan and Katrina destroyed many of the beautiful trees in the southeastern United States. In The aftermath of these vicious storms, many of the surviving trees were palms — designed naturally to withstand the brutal winds. Taking note of this, my husband Roger and I incorporated our farm, Emerald Coast Bamboo & Palms, and began to grow, from seed, these heroic and hardy trees. It wasn’t long before our selection grew to include select varieties of cold-resistant, clumping bamboos, as well as a beautiful array of landscaping plants not traditionally available in the area.

At Emerald Coast Bamboo and Palm Trees, all of our stately palms are raised from seed. After years of careful nurturing, the flourishing trees are transferred to our fields where they are tended with care until selection by the customer. All of our palms and bamboos have remained healthy and strong during record-breaking freezes and continue to thrive in their environment.

We offer our products in containers ranging from 3 gallons to 45 gallons. Our gorgeous field palms range in height from 1 to 8 feet of the trunk (based upon the variety and age of the tree), while our non-invasive bamboo varieties range in height from 8 feet to 40 feet. Many of our palm trees and bamboo can be grown in containers for indoor or outdoor beautification. They are perfect for adding privacy as well as beauty to your landscape. In addition, many of our bamboo varieties can aid in the prevention of erosion. Our premium quality plant selections include a wonderful assortment of palm trees, clumping bamboos, as well as a variety of beautiful landscaping plants perfectly suited to the needs of local homeowners and professional landscapers alike. And because we raise our own plants, we are able to offer all of our products tax-free!

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Barbara & Roger Orth
Emerald Coast Bamboo & Palm Trees